David works closely with the artist from the very beginning of the album making process. First working on selecting songs and refining arrangements, then planning the recording sessions and lining up additional musicians. Next comes carefully engineering the recording sessions to nail the vibe of the project and on into the final mixing phase. Throughout the album making process David’s utmost concern is supporting the artist and fully realizing the creative vision for the project.



A great mix can truly make or break a record. David will spend the time it takes to complete mixes that capture the spirit of the project and translate to the world outside the studio. 



David had been playing music for 30 years and is classical trained in voice, piano, bass guitar, and guitar. He’s been doing session work for most of his life and is a natural in the studio. David has a knack for finding just the right riff to bring out the distinctive character of a song. He’s an expert at playing parts that reinforce the melodic core of the song, adding texture and harmony here and there while seamlessly blending into the whole.



A great record needs great sounding tracks. David will work closely with the artist and producer to capture sounds that are in line with the vision of the project. Creative and evocative sounds that bring the song to life and give the record a distinctive character is the goal.